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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Contribs tax for women under review

“Senator Nick Sherry’s comments on potentially removing the 15 per cent contributions tax on super of women at certain stages of their work life fuels further debate on how the government can help narrow the gender gap on retirement savings.”

Financial Standard

An interesting article on ways to address the gender difference in retirement savings which is an important issue given the tendency of women to live longer.


Women still face sex bias

“The Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, will today release the results of nearly a year of consultation on the state of gender relations, including the finding that many young women are still subject to harassment almost a quarter of a century after such behaviour was outlawed.”

Sydney Morning Herald

The patriarchy still exists and we still need to fight against gender based oppression? What a novel concept.

Campervan slogans found to be misogynistic, offensive

“The company, Wicked Campers, hires out campervans with quirky cartoons and phrases painted in graffiti-style on the side.

Complaints were received by the ASB about six slogans, and it found two of them to be misogynistic, offensive and discriminatory.”

ABC Online

You know what really brings in customers? Blatantly misogynistic slogans… not.

Man seeks breast friend

“However, my girlfriend has very small breasts, and I get very attracted to women with large breasts. I forget all about my girlfriend when I meet a woman with large breasts, and carry on like I’m a single man.”

Sydney Morning Herald

SMH has sunk to new lows. Vomit, upchuck, spew.

‘Stupid curve’ sidelines women’s careers

The term “stupid curve” was coined by former US Deloitte boss Mike Cook in reference to the over-representation of men in management. Ms McPhee said Australia’s stupid curve showed the female talent that business had wasted for too many years.

Despite a perception that few women had leadership roles because they chose to become mothers, most women were “pushed”.

The Age

That invisible force keeping women out of the top jobs? It’s called the patriarchy.

Why does a pro-vegetarian organisation treat women like meat?

On Monday the high-profile animal rights organisation held a demonstration out the front of the George Street KFC, involving three young women wearing nothing but lacy knickers and nipple tape in a cage with the sign “Chicks Agree: Boycott KFC”.

Sydney Morning Herald

Time and time again PETA has unashamedly used tactics like these to get publicity and its revolting.

I’m finally done gallavanting around the country so posting should get back to some semblance of normal in the next couple of days.