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Category Archives: abortion

Faulty contraception main reason for abortions

“TWO-THIRDS of all pregnant women seeking abortions in one Australian state are doing so because their contraception methods failed.”

Surprise, surprise women aren’t using abortions as a means of contraception. 


Pro-life policy on RU486 condemns tumour sufferers to die

“RU486 remains essentially a prohibited import. It remains in a category of its own too hard for doctors and pharmacists to get approval to prescribe it and too hard for drug companies to get approval to make it available. And this is having a sad and costly side-effect. You see, RU486 is not only an abortion drug. It has life-saving effects for patients with cancer and benign tumours, among others.”

The Canberra Times

An interesting editorial on how being legalised hasn’t necessarily made RU486 any more easily accessible. 

Aussie abortion plan for East Timor

“AUSTRALIA is considering offering aid money for abortions in developing countries as the birth rate of East Timor surges to one of the world’s highest.

The possibility of AusAid-funded abortions was raised in a Senate Estimates hearing yesterday as a Democrats senator criticised Australia’s treatment of women in developing countries.”

Nelson opposes changes to foreign aid abortion ban

“Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson says he is against a push to overturn a ban on Australian foreign aid paying for abortion advice.”

I actually didn’t know that Australian Aid money can’t be used to fund abortions or lots of other contraception focussed programs. Surprise, surprise the Liberal party is opposing it.