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Category Archives: maternity leave

Mr Mum just unrealistic

“as much as most fathers dearly love their children, the last thing they want is to spend all day, every day at home with them.

Usually that job goes hand in hand with perks such as being responsible for the household domestic duties.”

Herald Sun


Maternity scheme could cripple retailers

“An industry-funded maternity leave scheme would cripple small and medium retailers, the Productivity Commission heard yesterday.

The Australian Retailers Association said its members should not have to pay parental leave or be burdened by administrative costs of any compulsory scheme.”

Melbourne Herald Sun

Minimal maternity leave no incentive

“The introduction of a minimalist form of paid maternity leave is unlikely to boost the numbers of women returning to work after having children, the top family research body has found.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Woolworths wooing women with maternity leave

“RETAIL giant Woolworths has become Australia’s largest employer to offer paid maternity leave, upping the pressure on the Rudd Government to develop a national scheme.”

The Herald Sun

The delivery we’re waiting for

“The comparison may be extreme. But the fact that our developed nation does not extend such a basic right to working mothers while developing nations with dubious records on the treatment of women do, isn’t a good look.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

Worker-funded maternity leave proposed

“A plan for a national paid maternity scheme funded partly by a weekly levy imposed on workers has public support, says the social policy adviser who designed the scheme.”

Sydney Morning Herald

It’s an interesting idea and if the figures are accurate does seem like something that could be put into practice and negate a lot of the economic arguments against paid maternity leave. 

Mothers at mercy of interest rates

“ALMOST half of Australian women aged 25-40 said they couldn’t afford their mortgage repayments if they took time off to have a baby.

An independent survey of 855 women found 49 per cent of those of typical child-bearing age would not be able to meet mortgage repayments if they were reduced to one salary.

“It’s become a case of baby or the house — and that’s a decision women shouldn’t have to make,” said consumer marketing expert Gillian Franklin, from the Heat Group.”

The Herald Sun