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Category Archives: medicine

Faulty contraception main reason for abortions

“TWO-THIRDS of all pregnant women seeking abortions in one Australian state are doing so because their contraception methods failed.”

Surprise, surprise women aren’t using abortions as a means of contraception. 


Babies out

“THE strategic silences of feminism are having profound effects on society. For all the brilliant choices ushered in for women – the freedom to forge ahead with careers, to stay single, if that was their wish, not to be tied down by family and babies, if that was their choice – feminism failed women by refusing to inform them that their new-found choices came at a price.”

The Australian

It’s articles like this that make me dispair for the future of feminism. We owe so much to the feminists that came before us and yet people love to shit all over it. When did perfection become an attainable possibility? Thanks to In A Strange Land for leading me to the link.

MPs urged to give women choice on abortion

“A pro-choice group wants State Government MPs to support the most liberal of three options proposed by the Law Reform Commission to decriminalise abortion.”

ABC News

Pregnant women ‘lie’ to get hospital beds

“DESPERATE pregnant women are using fake addresses so they can give birth at Melbourne’s leading maternity hospitals.”

Herald Sun

I can appreciate the argument about reserving beds for high-risk pregnancies but the fact that the level of care is so different between institutions is pretty distressing. 

Women in mental wards face grave risk of abuse

“NEARLY two-thirds of female patients surveyed in psychiatric wards in Victoria have been sexually abused or harassed by male patients, new figures show.”

The Age

As someone with a chronic mental health condition the fear of ending up in a mental health institution is very real. This article is just another reason why women, especially young women, or queer women, avoid seeking mental health assistance when they really need it. 

Fertility blood test being developed

“WOMEN who plan to delay motherhood until their late 30s and 40s may soon being able to take a simple blood test to predict how many fertile years they have left.”

On one hand this seems like it might give women more choice but on the other hand it seems like the kind of thing that could be totally perverted to prevent choice and just generally gives me the squinks. Thoughts?