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Category Archives: pregnancy

Mr Mum just unrealistic

“as much as most fathers dearly love their children, the last thing they want is to spend all day, every day at home with them.

Usually that job goes hand in hand with perks such as being responsible for the household domestic duties.”

Herald Sun


Minimal maternity leave no incentive

“The introduction of a minimalist form of paid maternity leave is unlikely to boost the numbers of women returning to work after having children, the top family research body has found.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Faulty contraception main reason for abortions

“TWO-THIRDS of all pregnant women seeking abortions in one Australian state are doing so because their contraception methods failed.”

Surprise, surprise women aren’t using abortions as a means of contraception. 

Woolworths wooing women with maternity leave

“RETAIL giant Woolworths has become Australia’s largest employer to offer paid maternity leave, upping the pressure on the Rudd Government to develop a national scheme.”

The Herald Sun

Babies out

“THE strategic silences of feminism are having profound effects on society. For all the brilliant choices ushered in for women – the freedom to forge ahead with careers, to stay single, if that was their wish, not to be tied down by family and babies, if that was their choice – feminism failed women by refusing to inform them that their new-found choices came at a price.”

The Australian

It’s articles like this that make me dispair for the future of feminism. We owe so much to the feminists that came before us and yet people love to shit all over it. When did perfection become an attainable possibility? Thanks to In A Strange Land for leading me to the link.

Pregnant women ‘lie’ to get hospital beds

“DESPERATE pregnant women are using fake addresses so they can give birth at Melbourne’s leading maternity hospitals.”

Herald Sun

I can appreciate the argument about reserving beds for high-risk pregnancies but the fact that the level of care is so different between institutions is pretty distressing. 

There’s more than one way to say happy Mother’s Day

“Giving birth may have become clinical, but it is always deeply cultural. Melbourne’s public hospitals have had to adapt more than most; while slightly more than 22% of mothers in Australia are overseas-born, at the Royal Women’s it’s more than 46%. At the Mercy it’s 32%. That’s 165 countries, 60 languages and 42 religious faiths”

The Age

Fertility blood test being developed

“WOMEN who plan to delay motherhood until their late 30s and 40s may soon being able to take a simple blood test to predict how many fertile years they have left.”

On one hand this seems like it might give women more choice but on the other hand it seems like the kind of thing that could be totally perverted to prevent choice and just generally gives me the squinks. Thoughts?

Indigenous maternal death rate alarming

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are almost three times more likely to die while pregnant, during labour or up to six weeks after giving birth than non-indigenous women.

And the system for reporting maternal deaths in Australia needs an overhaul, with inconsistent data collection between the states and territories undermining the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s (AIHW) efforts to provide accurate and timely statistics.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Govt must act on maternity leave: survey

“Forty-five per cent of women say they are not in a position to meet their mortgage repayments if they take time off to have a baby without government funded maternity leave, a new survey shows.”

The Age

How much more evidence does the government need before they realise that paid maternity leave is important.