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‘Stupid curve’ sidelines women’s careers

The term “stupid curve” was coined by former US Deloitte boss Mike Cook in reference to the over-representation of men in management. Ms McPhee said Australia’s stupid curve showed the female talent that business had wasted for too many years.

Despite a perception that few women had leadership roles because they chose to become mothers, most women were “pushed”.

The Age

That invisible force keeping women out of the top jobs? It’s called the patriarchy.


Mr Mum just unrealistic

“as much as most fathers dearly love their children, the last thing they want is to spend all day, every day at home with them.

Usually that job goes hand in hand with perks such as being responsible for the household domestic duties.”

Herald Sun

ADF must to more for women: Fitzgibbon

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is curbing talent by sending a subliminal message to women that they cannot rise to the top ranks, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says…Mr Fitzgibbon said only 13 per cent of full-time ADF personnel were women and their numbers had been stagnant for a decade.

“I say we’re restricting our talent pool here by sending out a subliminal message to women that while they can become the CEO of a major bank, they can never become a CEO of the ADF,” said on ABC television.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Bar urged to shoulder cost of more women

“ATTORNEY-GENERAL Rob Hulls yesterday issued another challenge to Victoria’s barristers, saying they should contribute more money to help women join the bar.

He also accused the legal profession of holding outdated views that were hampering the promotion of female lawyers.”

The Age

Maternity scheme could cripple retailers

“An industry-funded maternity leave scheme would cripple small and medium retailers, the Productivity Commission heard yesterday.

The Australian Retailers Association said its members should not have to pay parental leave or be burdened by administrative costs of any compulsory scheme.”

Melbourne Herald Sun

Minimal maternity leave no incentive

“The introduction of a minimalist form of paid maternity leave is unlikely to boost the numbers of women returning to work after having children, the top family research body has found.”

Sydney Morning Herald

The delivery we’re waiting for

“The comparison may be extreme. But the fact that our developed nation does not extend such a basic right to working mothers while developing nations with dubious records on the treatment of women do, isn’t a good look.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

More mums working from home: ABS

“The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show mothers are increasingly doing paid work from the family home, while juggling the responsibilities of raising children and earning an income.”

ABC News

Women ‘must work longer’

“THE pay equity gap between men and women in Australia will not close until women are prepared to work longer hours, an academic says.

Social researcher for the University of Melbourne Mark Wooden said men were earning on average 15 per cent more than women because they put in more time at the workplace. ”

Apparently working fulltime, having a family, maintaining a home and trying to stay sane in a patriarchial society aren’t enough for this guy. 

Worker-funded maternity leave proposed

“A plan for a national paid maternity scheme funded partly by a weekly levy imposed on workers has public support, says the social policy adviser who designed the scheme.”

Sydney Morning Herald

It’s an interesting idea and if the figures are accurate does seem like something that could be put into practice and negate a lot of the economic arguments against paid maternity leave.