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Category Archives: young women

Improving girls’ access to education focus of UN Asia-Pacific meeting

United Nations officials, government leaders and education experts are gathering in Kathmandu, Nepal, today for the start of a two-day conference examining how to improve gender equality in schools across the Asia-Pacific region.

UN News Centre


Girls Gone Wild

“NOT long ago, the women in Victorian prisons were there largely because of drug or property-related crimes.

But that picture is slowly changing, with a rising number of women being convicted for assault and other violent crimes.”

The Age

Too poor to shave

“Recently named FHM’s hottest woman in the world, Megan Fox has revealed things weren’t always so rosy for her.

In fact, the star says she used to be so poor she didn’t have enough money to shave her legs.”

The Age

Odd that some would consider a woman not shaving her legs to be newsworthy, even odder that it than becomes fodder for an op-ed piece. I’m so over society feeling compelled to comment on what women do with their bodies.

Culture’s vultures miss point

“I don’t think sport should be excluded from access to the public purse because professional leagues generate massive revenue through television rights, sponsorship, ticket sales and merchandise.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Ugly truth of school bullying and Club 21

“A group of Year 11 students from Mackay’s St Patrick’s College created the club, also known as Big 21, in which they ranked themselves according to their looks, their weight and popularity with boys. ”

Wow, this is really scary. Even the girls that I went to school with weren’t this extreme and that was only four years ago.

This is quite an interesting opinion piece related to the article from All For Women

Club 21, “girl world” exposed: binge drinking, bullying, low self esteem and distorted body image.

“Queensland school girls have formed an exclusive club, known as Club 21, which encourages members to be ranked between 1 and 21 based on their thinness, good looks, binge drinking escapades and popularity with boys… This story has caused significant shock in the media. However it is unlikely this type of bullying – of each other and those who didn’t make it into the club – came as a shock to many teen girls. It was likely no surprise to their teachers either, who witness the various manifestations of the “Compare and Despair” game that teen girls are so good at playing, in playgrounds right across Australia.”

Advocacy at the heart of Australia’s young women

What Girls Say, a report outlining the concerns of 4,500 Australian girls aged 5 – 17 years, was launched today by Lynne Price, Chief Commissioner, Girl Guides Australia – the largest girls and young’s organisation in the country.”

Australian Women Online