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Women still face sex bias

“The Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, will today release the results of nearly a year of consultation on the state of gender relations, including the finding that many young women are still subject to harassment almost a quarter of a century after such behaviour was outlawed.”

Sydney Morning Herald

The patriarchy still exists and we still need to fight against gender based oppression? What a novel concept.


ADF must to more for women: Fitzgibbon

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is curbing talent by sending a subliminal message to women that they cannot rise to the top ranks, Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon says…Mr Fitzgibbon said only 13 per cent of full-time ADF personnel were women and their numbers had been stagnant for a decade.

“I say we’re restricting our talent pool here by sending out a subliminal message to women that while they can become the CEO of a major bank, they can never become a CEO of the ADF,” said on ABC television.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Bar urged to shoulder cost of more women

“ATTORNEY-GENERAL Rob Hulls yesterday issued another challenge to Victoria’s barristers, saying they should contribute more money to help women join the bar.

He also accused the legal profession of holding outdated views that were hampering the promotion of female lawyers.”

The Age

Govt to sign UN protocol on women’s rights

“The Federal Government says steps are being taken to sign a United Nations protocol that aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.”

ABC News

About bloody time!

Boy’s Club Keeps Women Down

“A QUARTER of Australia’s working women say females are not treated equally in the workplace – and one in five of their male colleagues agree.In fact, nearly half of all men admit their workplace is a “bit of a boys’ club”, according to new research to be released today.”

Let’s file this under “O” for obvious.