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Culture’s vultures miss point

“I don’t think sport should be excluded from access to the public purse because professional leagues generate massive revenue through television rights, sponsorship, ticket sales and merchandise.”

Sydney Morning Herald


Late to the ball on women’s role in footy

“F this was a shirtfront it came very hard. It was well aimed, too. But it was also delivered too late, much too late. AFL chief executive officer Andrew Demetriou is on report.

Demetriou has finally tackled the issue of the role of women in football. It is not that the league has been inflexible on the matter. It has scripted a policy for respect and responsibility towards women and trumpets the document as ground-breaking. But that does not mean it is effective or taken seriously. Ground-breaking just means the AFL is very pleased with itself.”

The Australian

First cricket, now football. One can only hope that this is the start of something big. 

Australia search for more support from women

“Cricket Australia will push to increase the attractiveness of cricket to women following a survey showing only 36% of females watch the game “always or occasionally” on television. While cricket was the most popular sport for both sexes in the Roy Morgan poll – 50,000 Australians were surveyed – James Sutherland, the Cricket Australia chief executive, said the state and national bodies had to increase their efforts.”

Cricinfo Australia

I personally think watching cricket is about as interesting as watching paint dry but it’s good to see federal sporting bodies recognising and trying to redress the massive gender imbalance in sport presentation.